Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A.W.R. E.

These initials are those of a local real estate agent in Yass. Lately whenever anything (everything) has been going wrong with getting the plans together to put into Council we have been looking at each other and threatening to call this real estate agent and just sell the block now before we even start. Some days I don't think we are really joking.

Sometimes I wonder if we will finally finish the house, stand back for a moment, then dial ... "hello is that AWRE? Are you interested in listing a brand new house, on about 5 acres, 5 minutes out of Yass ..."

But anyway, it looks like we might be almost finally ready to submit the plans to Council. We were hoping for approval before Christmas, and it takes 12 weeks, so basically we could be stuffed. It just depends on what the Council wants us to do. But unfortunately you don't know what you don't know. So we shall see if we get a nice Christmas present from the Council, or if we are twiddling our thumbs waiting for everyone to get back from their Christmas holidays.