Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Screaming down the learning curve

So we've begun. It's not until you start a project like this that you realise how much you don't know about what you are doing. Take digging pier holes for example. We got the man in on the bobcat thingy with the drill on front to drill the holes. So far so good. He then points out that all the dirt that accumulates around the holes and then falls in has to be cleared away so that the council can inspect and approve the holes you've just had dug. So rather than have a fairly relaxed day telling the guy were to dig, husbang had a very hot and dirty day scraping dirt out of holes with a tool not really designed for the job. In the end it was about three days in total, as there were about 90 holes. The cleaned out holes were then fallen down twice by the toddler, (who was immediately rescued and is still talking about it), filled with concrete, drilled and piers put on and screwed down. Bearers and joists have been put on top (after much discussion and arguing) and the floor insulation is ready to go. So far there have only been about ten fights between father in law and husbang, so everything is going as expected. Things that cost money keep cropping up, but now we just pay and worry about it later.

So things we have learned so far: it always costs more than you think it will, there will always be something you hadn't thought of and it will cost money too, there are always plenty of jobs for people who are silly enough to offer to help, FIL is never wrong (even when he is), and toddlers and building sites don't mix but they do have lots of fun together. Especially in specially bought bright yellow gum boots.

LMH and Harry came down to help with the first week of building. They were immediately hard at work, playing in the pier holes. Their help has been invaluable, and it is only due to the unfortunate need for them to work so they can eat and pay rent that they were forced to go back to Sydney with husbang's mum. However, they seem to have survived the frequent retelling of stories they have heard many times before, so well done lads. You should know that she is planning on coming to Newtown with the express purpose of coming to the pub where you work to see you. She thinks you are lovely.

If I can find a good photo of LMH and Harry hard at work I will post it soon.