Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Kids on the Block

Since we got our first pet together, D and I have trawled the lists of classical names for our pets. So we've had Julius, Aphrodite, Persephone, Attila, Nefertiti, Cleo(patra), and Dido. We always threatened our families that we would name our children after historical figures as well. We did like Trajan as a boys name, but decided that our families might never forgive us if we named our firstborn Trajan, so we went with Charlie.

We haven't gotten any new pets since the babies came along, so naming pets hasn't been an issue until now. The other day we got two chookies. More as pets than egg producers, so any eggs that don't get 'toddlerfied' will be a bonus. So we needed to name them. Charlie isn't quite up on his ancient historical figures yet, so let me introduce:

Chookie and Buckaboo.

Because chookies say buckaboo apparently. No, I don't know which is which. Sorry about the dark photo, they didn't want to pose for the camera.