Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oooooh Splinter

I was watching husbang dig some splinters out of his finger last night. He had gotten to the point where it hurt to touch anything, so he thought he'd better get them out before they got any worse. They didn't look too bad to me, quite little really, but he was really in pain. I had a bit of a go, but these things are always more painful when someone else does them, so I provided moral support instead. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo who likes watching things like splinters come out. Anyway, he finally managed to break the final layer of skin over the splinter, which was in quite deep. Then he squeezed and it rose to the surface. And rose, and rose and kept coming. It was at least 4mm long and deep into the pad of his thumb. No wonder it hurt so much. I've had a couple of the rotten things, just under the skin and they hurt like hell.

Then we went on to splinter no. 2. which was in his index finger. I should mention that he was doing this all left handed because he's right handed and so the splinters were all in his right hand. I gave more assistance this time because this one was more tricky and managed to get under the splinter but couldn't budge it. Husbang got hold of it and about 2mm broke off. He then managed to squeeze out the other 5mm of splinter which once again had been straight in deep into the finger. Gross but fascinating.

The worst bit, for him, is that he's only finished one short side of the all round verandah that's going on the house. There are a lot more splinters to come.

Apart from that building is going well. The frames have been put up by Harkaway's crack team of frame erectors, some of them were even good looking which was a bonus. Husbang and FIL managed to get the garage frame up as well and hopefully we will be at lock up in about 3 weeks. Then the inlaws can go home. Yay!