Friday, February 27, 2009

I love these quizzes

They seem to bear absolutely no relation to (my) real life and I think that's why they are so fun. Like this one I did previously.

Take the test of discovery
1. Which items would you most likely accessorise your home with?
a Sea shells
b Key designer pieces
c Artefacts from travels
d Items inspired from nature
e Lots of pieces inspired from the past

I need an f - things your children have brought home from school/preschool and insist on displaying, eg the green tissue box with strategically placed patty cake papers and paddlepop sticks.
Failing that I thought e might best cover it.

2. Which of the following activities would you ideally like to do?
a Walk on the beach
b Dress up
c Make things
d Anything outdoors
e Shop for antiques

All of the above. Preferably without a child around my ankle or with foot poised above the pedal of the sewing machine while I'm trying to thread it. I've never had a needle through my finger, but it's something I really suspect I wouldn't enjoy. As I had to choose, I went for a since I could theoretically do that for free. Although on second thoughts it could be quite stressful pulling children out of the surf, getting the sand out of everything and spending a king's ransom on icecreams.

3. Which colour would you most likely find in your home?
a Neutral palette
b Metallic palette
c Warm palette
d Earth palette
e Cool palette

All of the above scribbled on the walls in crayon? I think we have a bit of everything in our house. I think I finally went for e. Maybe I just like the delusion that I was cool.

4. Which of the following movies would you rent first?
a Something's Gotta Give
b Lost In Translation
c The Notebook
d An Inconvenient Truth
e Casino Royale

Well I've seen Casion Royale on TV, I can't remember what Something's Gotta Give is about and I'm too lazy to google it, I've heard about the Notebook being soppy, I think someone lent us An Inconvenient Truth once or am I getting confused with a Mike Moore? I don't know. I rather read a book, but since I have to choose I went with a. At least I might get a nice surprise.

5. Which colour are you most attracted to?
a White linen
b Charcoal
c Coffee bean brown
d Rainforest green
e Ripe cherry red

This one was easy b, charcoal. Hides sticky finger prints really well. And cat hair. I'm seriously starting to think that whoever wrote this quiz has never seen a real child. They probably don't believe in them.

6. Which of the following best describes where you buy your clothes from?
a Department stores
b High Street boutiques
c A mix of places
d Eco-friendly/socially responsible retailers
e Shopping centres

Another easy one e. Although I'd hesitate to call downtown Yass a 'shopping centre'. Again I needed an F option - chain store.

So I ended up with an e,a,e,a,b,e. So mostly e's.

Mostly As: Hamptons White Wash
You don't live by the sea, you live with the sea. You like a calm and balanced environment. Your home is treasured and a temple to all you love. You fill it with loved memories, often with pieces that have a story to tell. You love details (sea shells, raffia) and you create your home to be a central meeting point - an environment for people to come together and spend time. Rooms go beyond their initial function (eg, the kitchen is used not only to prepare food).

Mostly Bs: New York Loft
A global trendsetter. You believe the built environment is more spectacular than the natural one and you're hooked on architectural detail. Your style remains distinctive, yet ever-evolving and true to your own self - you don't buy off the shelf. High ceilings, open-plan, rich and luxurious are key components. You pick up on trends but integrate them into your life. While you enjoy the finer things in life, you fill your home with loved memories and key pieces collected over time. A balance of function and excess.

Mostly Cs: Nostalgic Nest
Like a bower bird, you collect bits and pieces. You are earthy, sentimental, individual and your home is rich with detail. You treat your home as a gallery filled with happy memories, photo albums, unique souvenirs from travels and your own made treasures. Displaying your true self on the walls, your collection tells a story. Spending time away from the home - outdoors and exploring - is just as important as spending time in the home. You are not concerned with what your neighbours' homes are like: you are true to your own style.

Mostly Ds: Sleek "New Earth"
You love the outdoors and bring that into your living environment. The technological side of the environment is considered. You evaluate trends and bring those that complement your lifestyle into your home.

Mostly Es: Sophisticated Retro
You recognise and respect good design from the past and present (but have none of it in your own house). You pick up key pieces (and take them off your children carefully and put them back in the shop) over time and enjoy making them work together. While you are aware of innovations, you do not necessarily follow trends (because who has the time or the inclination, really). As you are both confident and authentic, you have been collecting pieces for years and you display them with pride in abstract ways in your home. I have been collecting pre-school art for years now, so this last bit is actually true!

This quiz was developed by the International School Of Colour And Design to show people the various styling trends available to them. It is not a determiner of a definite style but is intended to open your eyes to the manifold different decorating styles. These five decorating styles are the most relevant for our current lifestyle.