Friday, December 02, 2005

Can you paint while pregnant?

It was a hopeful question from my husband, as he tried to work out when he was going to fit in painting doors as well as 600m2 of walls (not counting ceilings). I didn't know, so I did what every expectant mother does and googled it. Unfortunately for him the answer is no. Well, the answer more correctly is we don't know but we think it's best if you let someone else do it. I hope his mum likes painting. In fact there doesn't seem to be a hell of a lot I will be able to do around the work site. I can't carry anything, I probably won't be taking the toddler out there often because I won't be able to run after him to stop him getting into everything, including the dam, and so there really isn't much point being there. I guess my job will be to keep the home fires burning and have meals ready.

That is going to be the other big problem. The bigger I get, and after the first one I know I get BIG, the more tired, okay lazy, I get and the more likely I am to have a sandwich or takeaway because I couldn't be stuffed cooking. As I see it I'm already doing enough cooking up a baby so who wants to do more? But now I'll have to keep up with feeding at least two extra mouths with husband's mum and dad helping build the house and provide lots of sympathy to tired and sore husband who has been doing his darndest to get the house finished before he goes back to work. It's going to be an interesting time. I think I'll designate one day a week where I get sympathy for my tiredness and aching back and he can have sympathy on the rest. Of course I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment, because not only am I a woman, I'm pregnant and I'm allowed. I am also extremely lucky to have married a man who can grin and bear my mood swings.