Thursday, January 10, 2008

Missing, one muse.

I thought the blog might be feeling a little dejected since it's been about two months since I last put finger to keyboard here. Just doesn't have the same cachet as pen to paper does it. Anyway, I suspect my muse may be down the back of the lounge somewhere and since it's a sofa bed, it's quite possible that it's slid down to the floor underneath the lounge by now. And what a magical mystical wonderland that is. In the past looking for various objects I have moved the lounge and found, in no particular order, marbles, dead lizards, small coins (where are the $50 when you need them?), various snack foods quickly vacuumed up by toddlers if I'm not quick enough to confiscate said foods, combs, puzzle pieces, sultanas, dried rice, and the list goes on. I even found a complete sausage under the armchair the other day when we were looking for the tv remote. I think we'd had sausages a week and a half before. Luckily I found and binned that one before any keen eyed toddlers noticed. It took us almost a week to find the remote. Someone had put it next to the tv in the tv cabinet, so a casual glance missed it. So we turned the tv on and off at the set, and changed channels, all week with the remote inches away. We assumed that one of the kids had taken it to regions unknown in the house so once we looked in what we thought were the obvious places we gave up.

Anyway, so what's been happening with the house. D has made the man hole in the ceiling all nice by lining it and putting up cornicing. We need to paint it, but are waiting for a cooler day because we need to take down the man hole cover which means that a lot of heat could chimney down from the roof. We need to re-oil the verandah but are too slack to do it. We are hoping to have some drainage in the backyard before the next lot of rain floods the backyard again. There are some plans to hire boy toys to do this. The vegie patch is full of flowering plants, but whether anything will eventuate remains to be seen. Oh, and we bought a new meat shrine which we hope to christen soon. It's a hooded one that we tell ourselves we will use for Sunday roasts. Possibly we are deluded, but it's best to live in hope.