Thursday, March 08, 2007

Since I'm here...

We've also finished the kitchen. It was a while ago, actually last year, but I thought better late than never. Who knows when I'll get the free time or inclination to update this again, so best to make hay while the sun shines and before the next thunderstorm rolls over and makes us turn off the computer.


Since we'll be having visitors over Easter we thought we should probably build some of these, so that our visitors didn't have to use the ingenious system of levers and pulleys that we have been using to get into the house*.

I even had the little man in to paint them. The husband even painted them, in fact we painted them together. But I was taking the photo, so you'll just have to believe me.

Then, immediately afterward it rained so we found a cover for them. Then we went down town as it seemed likely to rain for a bit.

When we came back, we painted them again. Immediately after it absolutely pissed down and stuffed up the paint job. I swear the Weather Gods heard the noise of the paint tin being opened. So this afternoon, the front steps got their third coat of paint. This time it didn't rain and there was much rejoicing.

* may bear no resemblance to reality.