Friday, November 18, 2005

Because we like a challenge

Fie on this quiet life he cries, striding in from single handedly building the house (well single handedly project managing it anyway) I want work! Well dear, she replies, how about we're 16 weeks pregnant, and I want my house ready?

Actually it's nothing like that. Except for the sixteen weeks pregnant bit. We haven't started the house, we haven't even left Alice Springs yet. So we'll be about half way through the pregnancy by the time we start earthworks on the site. Of course that depends on everything going to plan.

We didn't plan to be having another baby now, but we can't get the goofy smiles off our faces. Anyway, what's a little pressure between friends?

So, anyone know a really cheap plumber/electrician or tradesperson in Canberra or Yass?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Only 4 weeks to go

Only 4 weeks left in Alice Springs, then we're off back East. To begin either the greatest adventure or biggest disaster of our lives. Or perhaps both. Either way it will be an experience. At least it looks like we will have somewhere to live, all going well, and hopefully our stuff delivered before Christmas. But who knows. If it doesn't happen you can be sure there will be a bitchy blog post about it. But that's what you're here for after all, and I'd hate to disappoint you.

So, things I will miss about Alice
1. All the great people we've met here and have to leave behind
2. Those rare but really lovely 30 degree days that make you glad to be alive
3. Eastside Fish and Chips
4. American Ribs at the Firkin and Hound (if you ask nicely you can have them with chips rather than mash)

and that's about it. I won't miss the dust, the flies and the, ahem, smell. Or K-mart. I'm so looking forward to being able to shop in Myer, and Target and Big W and all those crappy little chain stores that you can wander through for hours, unless you have a cranky toddler attached to your leg wanting to be carried. Must train him out of that habit, he is soooooo heavy now.

Anyway, stay posted for the big move. Although, may not be able to post for a while, since the computer will be in transit, so you may have to be patient. But fear not, I'll be back.