Monday, April 30, 2007

On the camera

When downloading the latest lot of photos from the camera I found Charlie had been busy again. I thought this photo of the daisies shows nicely how well the daisies are growing, the newly painted front wall of the house, and the lovely grey clouds that brought the rain. Not bad for someone who is not supposed to have the camera. The next photo is one of me standing on the steps pointing down while saying 'Come here now!' . But I'm not posting that one.

The Weather Gods

My sacrifice to the Weather Gods has finally been accepted, and we have had three days of periodic rain. I have found that the Mothers' of the Weather Gods won't let them rain on baby clothes, but my stuff is fine. Which I can live with.

On house news, the insides of the front and back doors have been painted so the inside of the house is pretty much completely painted. There is only a tiny bit of grouting to do in the main bathroom and laundry, and some work around the manhole in the ceiling and the inside is completely done. Three walls of the outside are painted leaving only the back wall to do, plus the outside of the front and back door. Finishing the actual house is really close now. Thank goodness.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stealth Painting

Actually it's more like when will he notice that I've been - painting, replacing the flyscreen with the hole big enough to fly a jet through, and adding onto the watering system that he's been meaning to do for months. All those little jobs that need doing and which I've decided I can't really fuck up, unless I try really hard, so I've done them myself rather than whinge to him about it. The fun part is waiting for him to notice. It took him five days to notice that I'd changed the screen on the door, interestingly it took Charlie two days. He noticed the watering system about four days after I'd done it, but then he usually gets home right on dusk or when it's already dark so it's not surprising he didn't notice until the weekend.

However, I thought that the paint on me which he noticed last night and the fact that he was looking right at Charlie's wardrobe doors last night when he read the bedtime story might have brought to his attention that the painting had been done. He could also have noticed the hall cupboard doors, that he walks right past, had been painted but no. He said the other day that painting the wardrobe doors was his winter job. I didn't feel like waiting.

I'm guessing he'll notice tonight that only one set of our walk through robe doors have been painted because the other set need some planing off so they fit properly. Now that I really could fuck up easily, so I'm leaving that to him. For some strange reason I procrastinated long and hard before finally finishing the wardrobe doors today. I painted the wardrobe doors in the hall, Gemma's, Charlie's and the guest room yesterday, so I only had to do one set in our bedroom today. I had the first coat finished by 10.30am. All I needed to do was wait two hours and paint them again. About 12.15 I decided to treat myself to lunch in town, then I came home and did some ironing, brought in the washing and folded it, put Gemma's car seat back together after washing the cover, and tidied up the loungeroom. Of course as is always the way, it only took about 15 minutes to complete the painting once I got started. For some reason getting started was really hard.

In other news painting the outside of the house has begun. The front wall is completely finished and one side wall has one coat, and will be getting the second this weekend before we go to Sydney for the Dinghy's 1st birthday party. Hopefully another wall will get started on Anzac Day, and then on the weekend we might even be close to finished the outside painting.

Then all we need to do is finish some grouting in the laundry, put some coloured caulking around the bottom of the wall tiles in the bathroom and ensuite and cover it with silicone, and plane and paint the remaining wardrobe doors and my god I think we're finished! I'm sure we'll find some little job we have neglected to complete that will be the bane of our existence. We still have to finish the garage as well, but it's a lot smaller and less fiddly than a house, and we don't have to do anything inside so it should be much quicker. Then we can start on the never ending landscaping job.