Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The painting is finished.

I was just in time to capture the last brush stroke for posterity. The house is painted. For about 10 years anyway. We have also finished painting the exterior of the garage and put up the little blingy bits that are supposed to make it look Colonial or Federation I can never remember. But they are up and not in the way in the garage anymore, so it's all good. All we need now is a cash injection, roll on June 30!, and then we can landscape a bit. Just enough to keep the Council happy, then we can get our completion certificate and it's all good. "oh my god what do we do with our weekends now" time is looming and I can't wait. I suspect it involves a lot of weeding.


DV said...


Mousicles said...

Hoorah indeed.

We will have to come visit again and inspect the finished house. That will take up a few weekends.

Mind you, I didn't notice anything looking particularly unfinished at easter.

Now, bring on the rain so we can use that enourmous bathtub!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

woo woo - I second Mouse - we need a viewing weekend or two ;-)

Mindy said...

Always welcome guys.

fliss said...

Congratulations! Wishing ours had even started... (incoherent muttering about banks and councils)
it looks fab from the pictures!
I hope some extra spceially nice treats were broken out in celebration!

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