Thursday, September 14, 2006

Virtuous if tense

Last night instead of cleaning and relaxing in this,

we got our act together and painted the first coat of paint on the pantry.

We've been meaning to do it for weeks now, but there was always something else, like some crap on TV to watch instead, and it started to bug me that it wasn't done. Not enough to actually do it myself of course. I did that with the laundry and came away with a much more realistic sense of how much of a pain in the arse painting a room by yourself is. And the laundry isn't that big. Not surprisingly the laundry is still awaiting its second coat. Any week now. Luckily for me the painting (oh the pain the pain) is nearly done. If by nearly done you ignore the fact that we still have to paint all the tricky bits on the windows (lots of windows) and french doors and around the top of the tiles in the bathroom because we decided not to tile to the ceiling (fools fools!). And the kitchen, but there isn't much of that because most of it is covered by cupboards or non existent because of the huge window or because it will eventually be covered by a splashback. Once all that is finished all we have to paint is the hall cupboard and we're done. Inside. Outside is a whole nother problem that I just don't want to think about now because I might cry. And don't even get me started on the garage. If there is a god he'd (she'd?) let me win lotto. Okay, well probably not but it's worth a try.


DestructoMeg said...

It's entirely possible I'm a little odd... but I really enjoy painting walls. And skirting boards etc etc. prep sucks, but the doing of it is fun.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Meg, you're weird :)

you can paint my house any day.

you were thinking of tiling the bathroom ceiling? for real? freak me out, I never knew the concept existed. I would think that when the room got steamy, the tiles would drip condensation.

Mindy said...

You had me worried there for a minute Speedy - I meant tiling up the entire wall until it reached the ceiling, not tiling the ceiling.

Destructo Meg how come you never mentioned your penchant for painting before this?

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh, my fault, I didn't read your post proper-like!

btw why does the doorbitch have to make her ver. so long? emxwubrj with a baby in the arm sucks :)

DV said...

ah meg, I get the painting thing. I like cleaning bathrooms. It's sick and twisted I know but it's really about the minimal effort, maximum effect. aatually, that's nothing like painting.

it's nice to see pictures of the house mindy!

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